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Quality Compression Molded Silicone

We are a contract manufacturer specializing in the molding of high quality silicone parts. We are capable of producing rapid silicone prototypes and short run silicone molding. We are also capable of high volume production through our liquid injection molding process and compression molded silicone. Our focus is on medical, aerospace and industrial applications.

All of our manufacturing is done in California. We work with several different silicone rubber materials such as medical grade silicone rubber, Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and High consistency rubber (HCR). Our expertise in compression molding silicone and liquid silicone injection molding (LIM) comes with years of dedication to the silicone molding industry.

We also work with state of the art materials which cure at very low temperatures. This gives us the ability to do silicone overmolding or silicone encapsulation of heat sensitive materials. Silicone rubber is a great material for wearable devices due to its bio-compatibility.

We only use high quality medical grade silicones from the United States and Europe. We maintain an inventory of LSR and HCR silicone materials with a range of 5A to 85A durometer.

Our Testimonials

What They Say

Konark Silicone Technologies helped me with low volume production. They were under budget, ahead of schedule and very knowledgeable about different silicone(s). I worked with Sashi. Sashi is very friendly and out going. His consistent communication let me know I was in good hands. He is the kind of guy who will work on your project until it's finished, no matter what it takes.

Joshua Customer

I needed silicone seals for a prototype I am working on, and I needed them fast. After calling several molding and extruded rubber companies that had 6 week lead times, I found Konark Silicone. I sent over my specs and received the finished parts 11 days later. They were helpful and thorough with my order. I recommend Konark Silicone for fast and accurate production.

Michelle Customer

Innovative, knowledgeable and professional; our experience with Konark has been very positive. Their dedication to quality, vast knowledge of silicon technologies, molding process, and industry has been indispensable. I highly recommend their services.

George Customer

A great and knowledgeable company that helped turn ideas into reality. Konark Silicone has great customer service and easy to deal with. Fast turn around time with production. Great quality products!

Sophia Customer

Sashi K, a development engineer for Konark, worked with me on a medical device fabricated from silicone. His insight and advice was very helpful in producing a final design. I highly recommend Konark.

Roger Customer

Done a few silicone parts with excellent results, cost and turn-around time. Found them to be knowledgeable and a good resource to draw on their expertise in silicone's.

Francis Customer

Responsive, honest, and Reliable. Sashi has been great to work with!

Alexander Customer

Incredibly quick turn around and very easy to work with. People constantly complement the quality of our silicone parts!

Jonathan Customer

    We Care and Give Back

    The Environment

    At Konark, mitigating the environmental impact of our industry is core to our values. Ocean clean up, conserving natural habitats, and protecting endangered animals are a few of the many ways we give back.


    Why Konark?

    At Konark we pride ourselves in Quality. Our goal is to ensure that the first silicone part and the millionth silicone part are exactly the same. We practice lean manufacturing techniques and six sigma quality principles. Continuous improvement is what drives us at Konark. We design our process to meet our customers exact project requirements. Everything from incoming material quality, precision tooling, robust molding process are the secrets to our success.


    At Konark, manufacturing silicone parts and components is our passion. Silicone rapid prototyping and silicone engineering is what we do best. Our goal is to take our customers from the silicone prototyping phase to high volume production in a robust, efficient and economical process.

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