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Silicone Molding

Silicone prototypes can be molded using methods such as compression, transfer and injection molding. The molding method is chosen based on silicone part geometry, application requirements, and type of silicone material. Choosing the appropriate silicone molding method is critical as it affects the silicone prototype quality, process efficiency and also initial tooling costs & piece pricing. At Konark Silicones, an engineer will walk you through the silicon molding process to determine the appropriate method to ensure we use the optimal solution for your project.

Molding Method Description Start Finish
Compression Compression is possible for simple silicone part geometries. HCR or gum silicone material is weighed and placed on the hot mold. Mold is then compressed and the material begins curing in shape.
Transfer When the silicone part design is complex or involves cores, transfer molding is the choice. The material is placed in a cavity and when compressed, flows through a runner and gate into the part geometry.
Injection For medical grade silicone parts and high volume production, which require an extremely efficient process, liquid silicone rubber is pumped into an injection barrel. Material is then injected into the mold at high pressures.


Why Konark?

At Konark we pride ourselves in Quality. Our goal is to ensure that the first silicone part and the millionth silicone part are exactly the same. We practice lean manufacturing techniques and six sigma quality principles. Continuous improvement is what drives us at Konark. We design our process to meet our customers exact project requirements. Everything from incoming material quality, precision tooling, robust molding process are the secrets to our success.

Contact Konark Silicones today and one of our liquid silicone rubber molding experts will be happy to assist you with your silicone overmolding project.

At Konark, manufacturing silicone parts and components is our passion. Silicone rapid prototyping and silicone engineering is what we do best. Our goal is to take our customers from the silicone prototyping phase to high volume production in a robust, efficient and economical process.

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