Silicone Injection Molding

Liquid Silicone

Medical Grade Silicone

Liquid silicone rubber molding or liquid injection molding (LIM) is a robust process used in the high volume, production stages of silicone component manufacturing. By this stage of the process, we would have gone through the silicone prototyping process and refined the part design and selected the appropriate material hardness and closed in on a silicone part geometry for your application.

Two Part Drum

The Material

The silicone material is supplied as a two-part drum (450lbs) or pail (40lbs) kit and this closed system reduces any chances of contamination. In this two component system, Part A contains the vinyl functional polymer and the catalyst and Part B consists of the crosslinker and inhibitor. The low viscosity material is pumped into the injection unit of the molding machine using a high precision silicone pump.

Liquid Silicone Molding

The Process

Liquid silicone molding is an effective way to achieve consistent part quality and improved productivity. The low viscosity or flow behavior of the material allows design of small, thin walled and geometrically complex shapes. The process also allows very fast cure times under 30 seconds. The molds are also designed to be high precision, eliminating material waste and any secondary operations.


Why Konark?

At Konark we pride ourselves in Quality. Our goal is to ensure that the first silicone part and the millionth silicone part are exactly the same. We practice lean manufacturing techniques and six sigma quality principles. Continuous improvement is what drives us at Konark. We design our process to meet our customers exact project requirements. Everything from incoming material quality, precision tooling, robust molding process are the secrets to our success.

Contact Konark Silicones today and one of our liquid silicone rubber molding experts will be happy to assist you with your silicone overmolding project.

At Konark, manufacturing silicone parts and components is our passion. Silicone rapid prototyping and silicone engineering is what we do best. Our goal is to take our customers from the silicone prototyping phase to high volume production in a robust, efficient and economical process.

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